Knowing when to pull the trigger on the patent process can be a tricky thing to maneuver. This is especially true if you are running on a limited budget. If you are looking for a Patent Lawyer in Philadelphia, however, you may want to consider hiring them sooner rather that later. Here is why.

Complexity of the Paperwork

Filing a patent seems easy, simple, even straightforward. It is not, especially if your patent has a lot of underlying factors or mitigating circumstances. Even without them, a Patent Attorney in Philadelphia can avoid a lot of the paperwork and process issues a non lawyer will not avoid.

This counts for the verbiage you use in the drafting of the patent. A lawyer will know professional approaches and verbiage that will ensure your patent is airtight, which avoids most legal wrangling if your patent is ever infringed upon.

Knowledge of the Law

While a lot of law reads simply, stuff like precedents, legislative intent and legal interpretation can muddle up even the simplest statute or regulation. Patent attorneys will know where those pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

A Professional Evaluation

Your Patent Lawyer in Philadelphia will know if a patent is worth filling out, which can save you money if a patent might not be issued. They will know both the viability of the patent being applied as well as how to defend it if it comes under scrutiny.

Aid in Defense

The old legal adage is that a person that represents themselves has a fool for  a client and that holds true with patent law. If you are thinking of pursuing a patent infringement case, a lawyer will possess the technical expertise to judge if the lawsuit has merit and if it stands a chance in  court of law, which can greatly alter legal strategies.

International Law Support

A US patent should be viable internationally, but that requires that it be comprehensive in its application language. A patent lawyer will know how to phrase your application in a way that it holds water even under the scrutiny of international law.

Case Studies

Unless your patent lawyer is as new to this as you are, they will have “war stories” that serve to go beyond just a way to kill time. You can learn from them and avoid mistakes others have made. Your lawyer’s experience is sort of a buffer against making mistakes other who have gone before you have made.

If you are looking for a Patent Lawyer in Philadelphia, these are just six reasons why you should get your attorney on board sooner rather than later. Locking them down may cost money, but it will save money and time in the long run.

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