You are searching high and low to find the right property for your needs. The task can be hard. Yet fortunately, by hiring a Bend realtor, you can speed up the process by having the real estate professional screen the available home listings to weed out the properties that won’t fit into your needs. To make the process easier so your realtor knows which houses are on the “maybe list” and which ones you don’t even want to look at, here are some tips on how to communicate with your Bend Oregon realtor to let them know what you want and need in a new home.

Have a List of Vital Things that You Require

While realtors expect buyers to be a little flexible in their preferences in regard to the home buying process, there are times when you need to be firm about certain things that a house will need so you can purchase it. If you require a home in a certain location near work or school because of transportation options, relay this vital information to the realtor before the home search even begins. Draft a list of things that you most desire, such as space requirements, yard requirements, building materials, and garages.

Show Your Agent Things You Want in a Property

Trying to describe certain architectural details can be difficult over the phone or through email. Instead, send the Bend realtor photos and pictures of items that you want in your home. You can attach the photos to your emails or drop off magazine cut-outs to your Central Oregon realtor. Now, they will have a visual idea of the things that you desire as this tactic can help them with their home search.

Have a Firm Set of Priorities Without Overloading the Realtor with Ideas

Once you have a firm set of priorities, let your realtor know your wishes as soon as possible. Try not to stray too much from your original list. You don’t want to constantly find something new that you want to see in the dream house and then swamp the realtor with calls and emails every single hour. If you are constantly communicating with the realtor on what you want, this leaves them with less time in hunting for the right home for you.  Let them know everything beforehand. Then when you go to a house showing, you can readjust your idea and point out the things you want to your Bend realtor as they can then change their house-hunting focus.

One of the top things that a buyer has to do is remain patient. Sometimes, finding a home that fits their needs and wishes can take several weeks and even months. By communicating your preferences with a realtor, you can help them search for a house that will be right for your family and your lifestyle.

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