To drive a car on the road, it is important to get a valid driving license on your name. Failing to have it prior to driving on the road, can put you into serious legal trouble. To enjoy a hassle-free and safe journey within the boundaries of your city and abroad, you need to make effort to possess a valid driving license. Online DVLA website provides a platform to candidates to pass this test easily and get a driving license quickly.

What is the format of driving test?

Though the format of driving test is different in different countries, generally driving test comprise of two parts: a theory test and a practical test. Practical test can be taken only after successfully passing a driving theory test. So, one has to pass the first hurdle in order to successfully obtain the driving license and get the legal right to drive on the road.

What is the importance of conducting a driving test?

Driving test is very necessary for a candidate to pass to become a potential driver. This is because with this test, the judging committee decides how capable and skillful a candidate to control a particular vehicle on the road is. He should be aware of the rules of the road so as to guarantee that you are a safe driver and will use the best practices under all types of driving conditions.

Fulfilling the passing criteria of the driving test makes you eligible to be assigned a driving license. Like any test, thorough practice is required to pass this test. The more a candidate will practice, the more chances for him to pass with good marks.

How to use online platform to get the license?

  • Book for the driving theory test

In UK there are several established test centers that conduct driving test for aspiring drivers. Theory test UK online provides the facility to book an appointment for taking driving theory test. Booking is useful at those times when so many candidates appear for the test, and a lot of them are unable to give the test.

So, booking the test date in advance saves you from disappointment caused due to cancellation of test and unnecessary wait for your next turn. So online booking gives you the convenience of registering and scheduling the test as chosen by you. This saves your time and effort in visiting the venue for this purpose.   Also, at any point of time if you wish to cancel your booking, you can do it online.

  • Prepare for the theory test

It is advisable to always go for government approved and reputed online facilities. Along with booking, these centers will also help you by providing appropriate and adequate study material in the form of test samples, DVDs and books.


Driving license is the main pre-requisite to appear for the exam. For aspiring candidates, who do not have a driving license, they can easy acquire it by passing a short driving test. Getting proper information about applying online and appearing for the test would ease the process of acquiring driving license to a significant extent.

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