Each day, companies are forged by entrepreneurs and investors hoping to create a successful, lasting, and innovative entity. Each company has a shot at attracting customers and investors and making a difference in the market. All successful companies have a few things in common. One of these things is an effective logo that communicates the business’s main attributes or further its brand strategy. To find the perfect logo, playing with a logo maker free online and consulting with experienced designers can help you find the best choice.

Color Choices

Have you ever noticed how successful businesses usually have clean logos with simple colors and shapes? Going even further, many logos stick to the primary colors. From McDonald’s to Amazon, yellow and black are bright, cheerful, and are instantly visible against a white or black background. Red and blue are also popular color choices, with the US Postal Service and other official-looking entities using these traditional and respectable hues. When you make your own free logo, stick to one or two main colors, with no strange shades that could be difficult for people with vision problems to see.

Shapes and Letters

Many logos aren’t just an image with the name of the company, but a combination of shapes and letters that make you think of the company name. If your business name is long, you probably can’t go the Amazon or FedEx direction and simply stylize the company name. Many associations have logos that incorporate the first letter of the company name with design elements that convey the main brand direction. If your company’s mission is easily communicated with a single icon, that’s your best bet for something people will immediately recognize and understand.

Creating a Visual Message

All of these elements need to come together, centrally, to tell the story of your company in a single image. If your business is all about animals, choosing a logo with a mascot already built in will help your advertising direction in the long run. When designing your logo, think about both your current needs and what you can do with it in the future. This, of course, is easier said than done. The easiest way to find the perfect logo that reflects all of the brand elements you want is to see multiple options and pick the one that finally speaks to what the company’s all about. The best designers will create a few different logos after they mock up a free logo, with the company owner’s and board’s input, the best logo will come out on top.

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