Everyone likes to get dressed up from time to time and finding the perfect dress can make you look stunning. Whether you’re getting ready for prom or shopping for beautiful evening gowns for your bride’s maids, choosing styles that are both chic and classic is a must. This year, designers from Dior to Stella McCartney rolled out new dress styles that women around the world are dying to get their hands on. Here are some of the sought-after dresses for the new year.

Off the Shoulder

This year, one of the most eye-catching dress styles was off-the-shoulder. With one or two shoulders bare, you can show a little skin while still staying warm. The subtle hint of sexiness will grab attention without being too loud. Many different fabrics and dress cuts work with off-the-shoulder styles. You can go Latin with a samba- or flamenco-inspired dress, or try classic chic with a sleek little black dress that you can wear out to dinner or for cocktails. This look is so popular you can also pick up blouses with off-the-shoulder cuts. There’s something about showing off collarbones this year.

Glitz and Sparkle

Sequins, glitter, and gems found their way onto most major designers’ collections this year. The hippie and boho looks play with glitz in a retro way, with embroidered jeans featuring hints of sparkle. The 1920s flapper looks also made a comeback with glimmering and jeweled short dresses gracing the runway and red carpet. If you want something more classic, wrap dresses with shimmering fabric are more contemporary ways to get some sparkle into your wardrobe.

Classic Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are comfortable, versatile, and easy to pack in a suitcase. If you want something that accentuates your figure instead of hiding it, a good wrap dress shows off your waistline. If you have a classic hourglass figure, this type of dress will cover your bum and thighs while showing off one of your best features.

This style is especially fitting for understated holiday dresses. Picking something red for Christmas or glittery for New Year’s Eve will give you a great outfit to show off in photos and to wear for your big holiday date.

Vintage Classics

Vintage looks from the 60s have been popular for holiday dresses since TV shows like Mad Men and the Crown took the world by storm. A fitted dress with an A-line skirt in a classic fabric will make you stand out this year.


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