Your trademark helps you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and your customers to recognize your brand. Though filing a trademark is simpler nowadays than in days past, there is still plenty of room for error. For the complicated and vital parts of the process, you will be glad to have a trademark attorney on hand. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring one.

You’re Starting a Business

trademark attorney in NJ can be instrumental when you are starting a new company. During the beginning stages of business creation, it is essential to consult with a lawyer to learn the basics about trademarks. You should speak with this type of attorney before you use any of your resources for a trademark.

Researching a Trademark

An attorney can assist with finding a legally permissible trademark and slogan for your company. They can perform a research report of the logo you create and offer advice about the results of their research. They can also answer any questions you have about the registration steps or pricing.

Submitting an Application

A trademark application can be submitted by the proprietor or a trademark agent. Making mistakes on your trademark application can delay its approval significantly. This is where a New Jersey trademark lawyer can be helpful. They know all about the technicalities of the law and can review and submit your application so you can avoid costly mistakes.

Aiding Federal Registration

A lawyer can also help if your business has been using a trademark for a long time. They can provide advice in the case that your company would benefit from federal registration. If you choose to take part in federal registration, they can also aid you in filling out your applications and completing every other step of the process.

Handling Cease and Desist Letters

In addition to researching, obtaining, and enforcing your trademark, a skilled attorney can also assist if you receive a cease and desist letter. Receiving one of these letters would be the first phase of eventual litigation. In this case, you would need to stop using your service or trademark if another company made a trademark infringement claim.

Obtaining the services of a skilled trademark attorney in NJ can save your business a lot of money and trouble. It will make your life simpler and protect your company from expensive mistakes or legal battles. For these five reasons, hiring a lawyer is a smart business move.

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