Travelling the world can be a great experience, but exposure to diseases found in some areas can dampen your wanderlust. Remember health is wealth so why not take care of it? While you have to make sure your trip is fun, you also have to make sure that you don’t compromise your health – that could ruin your vacation (or worse).

Therefore, before travelling overseas, check and see if you should be vaccinated against the diseases that are prevalent at your destination. You may need to have several different vaccines depending on your itinerary so that you are safe from health problems when you’re away from your home. Once you’ve had all your vaccines, how else can you make sure you’re a smart traveller?

While you plan your vacation, research the countries you’ll be visiting and the activities you’re going to undertake there. You may even want to consult a travel clinic to protect yourself from health issues overseas.

How does influenza spread? Well, this might surprise you – it’s so contagious that it can spread with even the slightest contact: a person sneezing around you, sharing drinks, kissing, hugging or even handshakes, touching a blanket or a doorknob! The flu virus can live on a surface for up to eight or ten hours. Think that hand sanitiser is a good idea yet? Well, it is advisable to use it, but will you remember to use it every time you shake hands or touch a doorknob? This is why having the influenza vaccine is a must before you travel to another country.

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