Today the whole population is into the downloading material from all over the internet. The information not only comes in the form of e-notes but also an inversion of video and PDFs. The files are often required at frequent intervals and clients looks out for fast speed downloader.

The task firstly gets prioritized, and then the uploading and the downloading speed is monitored and regulated that enables quick access to the various contents downloaded.

Introduction to magnet links

The folx basically allows you to download the various files using the torrent download that is achieved via trackers and the magnet links. The magnet links make the users get induction with the P2P technology and makes the downloading at high speed. Even the sharing of the BitTorrent files is much faster and available through quite easy procedures. “Folx offers a simple and convenient way to download torrent files.”

Prospective Clients Availing Torrent Search

Searching through the torrent contents which is valid through the application allows the clients to search using the PRO version. Browsing through multiple choices would make a client easily track according to the requirement. The procedures are simple enough that includes entering a keyword, and Folx does rest for the clients. This application is useful enough to search extensively among all the list of available option and effectively displays only the relevant ones.

Folx PRO gives full control to the User

Torrent client Mac let the users take full control over all the essential necessities in uploading and downloading as well.

The clients can easily download music and switch on to the playlist of iTunes.

The client’s names the assigned tags to the content that has been actually downloaded

The speed of downloading is totally in the hands of the user with a required assistance from the Folx. The client can manually control the downloading speed, or Folx takes up the responsibility of downloading the content automatically.

While downloading websites authentication is required and here the login and user password is saved by Folx. When the user again goes to that website the user does not require signing again manually. Both HTTP and FTP websites are taken care of by the Folz.

The user can download movies in the required format. It can take out the soundtrack from the videos.

So one realizes shortly that Folxs makes it quite easy to get the torrent files downloaded at high speed.

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