No one will ever say that weight loss is an easy thing. There are so many people struggling to lose several pounds from their body yet, they don’t get the result as expected. More and more people are enlightened that overweight is a serious problem and they are willing to work hard and turn into healthier lifestyle to get rid excessive weight and get ideal body shape. Unfortunately, many of them are getting frustrated no matter how hard they tried even tortured themselves with hours of daily workouts and minimum diet, it is still difficult to reach ideal body weight.

The first thing you need to lose weight isn’t ambitious workout plan or extreme diet plan. The more important thing is changing your perspective. It is what inside your mind. Training isn’t a torture and you are not supposed to see it that way. When the perspective changed, your attitude toward training will also change. This will require well designed fitness training program to let your training routine becomes fun and more enjoyable to do. Another important thing is building strong motivation. It will help you to have strong commitment to your training program and that’s the key to become consistent in training to optimize the result.

Fitness training doesn’t always need to be hours daily workout at the gym. Many exercises can be done at home so you can have daily exercise routine and only come to the gym once or twice a week. It can be more effective with the right training program that will challenge you to reach the target and to give more motivation, you can win a prize for that. This is what you can get from meltdown game. Just like its name, it is more like a game than a training program. This game works through weekly challenges to do training program and nutritional plan designed by Meltdown Game. At the end of every week, all participants will submit the result and the winner will be chosen.

There are several packages you can choose as participants with subscription free. Upon subscription you will be required to submit your present photo and will be compared with your photo submitted at the end of every challenge to see the result. This way, you will feel challenged and have bigger motivation to win. There are interesting prizes for weekly challenge winner and a brand new sports car for the season winner. But more importantly, participants will more likely get your ideal body shape and body weight and that what makes everyone a winner.

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